dinsdag, april 12, 2005

Watch the films and give comments!!

Why isn’t there anyone giving these films a comment? The makers are dieing to know your opinion!! So don’t wait any longer, watch these films and give them your comments!!

vrijdag, april 08, 2005

F 2.8 (Quicktime needed)

Short by Bas Ackermann and Mark Uyl. (klick on the picture to start)

1 MINUTE (Quicktime needed)

This 1 minute film is made by Joris van Os, assignement by Frederieke Jochem of the HKU. (klick on the picture to start)

donderdag, april 07, 2005

SORROW (Quicktime needed)

Directed by Gabriel Scharis
With Radha Sudan
(klick on the picture to start)

maandag, april 04, 2005

Post your self-made movie

If you want to show your own movie on the web you can. Well you probably knew that allready, but you never did right? From now on I'm collecting short movies to post here on my blogger. So if you want people to see your movies and give them comments, I'll would be happy to post them on my blog. Please contact me and don't waste your time.

donderdag, maart 31, 2005


Hello everyone and welcome.
Since I've noticed that there are a lot of visitors from abroad (outside the Netherlands) so that's why this blog will be completely in English from now on. This blog will be used for my short videos and pictures I make as a student of audiovisual media. Please klick on the pictures to see the videos/pictures and give them a critical comment.

Thanks and enjoy,

dinsdag, maart 29, 2005

LEADER (Quicktime needed)

(klick on the picture to start)